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by Matt Rosenberg

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Release Date: January 22, 2019
Publication Date: January 22, 2019
Author: Matt Rosenberg
Creators: Greg Land (Illustrator)
Package Dimensions (in inches): 0.4 x 9.9 x 6.5
Package Weight: 55 Hundredths Pounds
Item Dimensions (in inches): 10.38 x 6.88 x 0.25
Item Weight: 55 Hundredths Pounds
Manufacturer Minimum Age Recommendation: 13 Years
Manufacturer Maximum Age Recommendation: 99 Years
Audio Tracks/Subtitles: English (Published), English (Original Language), English (Unknown)

Other Details

EAN: 9781302912963
ISBN: 1302912968
Manufacturer: Marvel
Number Of Pages: 160


Product Description: The Reavers are back, and they have a new weapon that only Havok knows about. It's going to take a ragtag group of X-Men to save a world that hates and fears them! But after his villainous turn, can any of his old friends really trust Alex Summers? And can he blame them? Find out as Beast, Warpath, Colossus and Dazzler form an all-new, all-diff erent, all-astonishing squad! But the enemies they face might not really be what they seem! Plus, Jean Grey reunites with her oldest friends - the original X-Men! Since her resurrection, she can no longer make sense of her life. Who better to relate to this than Beast, Angel and Iceman? How about a rather unexpected guest...their former mentor, Professor Charles Xavier - now the man known as X!


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