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US Soldier vs Afrikakorps Soldier: Tunisia 1943 (Combat)

by David Campbell

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Release Date: January 22, 2019
Publication Date: January 22, 2019
Author: David Campbell
Creators: Steve Noon (Illustrator)
Package Dimensions (in inches): 0.16 x 9.76 x 7.17
Package Weight: 57 Hundredths Pounds
Item Dimensions (in inches): 9.83 x 7.01 x 0.58
Item Weight: 57 Hundredths Pounds
Audio Tracks/Subtitles: English (Published), English (Original Language), English (Unknown)

Other Details

EAN: 9781472828163
ISBN: 147282816X
Manufacturer: Osprey Publishing
Number Of Pages: 80


Product Description:

From Sidi Bou Zid to El Guettar, this fully illustrated study pits the US Army against the best that the Axis forces in Africa had to offer.

Operation Torch, launched on November 8, 1942, landed Anglo-American forces in Vichy-controlled Morocco and Algeria to create a second front against the Axis forces in North Africa, catching Rommel's German and Italian forces in the claws of a giant pincer.

The Axis forces in North Africa were powerfully well armored and equipped, but fresh to war, and it showed. Organization suffered from a surfeit of peacetime theories and training was insufficient and ill-applied. Despite such failings the US GIs and their commanders learned very quickly, adapting to German tactics and the realities of mechanized warfare. The Afrikakorps was seasoned by years of fighting against increasingly powerful British and Commonwealth forces, and was led by one of the Reich's most capable generals. The German doctrine of mechanized warfare had proved itself time and again, but ever-growing logistical and supply problems were blunting its effectiveness.

US Soldier vs Afrikakorps Soldier: Tunisia 1943 (Combat) Customer Reviews

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