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The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom

by Erwan Le Corre

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Release Date: January 15, 2019
Publication Date: January 15, 2019
Author: Erwan Le Corre
Package Dimensions (in inches): 1.6 x 12 x 8.6
Package Weight: 430 Hundredths Pounds
Item Dimensions (in inches): 10.88 x 8.5 x 1.5
Audio Tracks/Subtitles: English (Published), English (Original Language), English (Unknown)

Other Details

EAN: 9781628602838
ISBN: 162860283X
Manufacturer: Victory Belt Publishing
Number Of Pages: 480


Product Description: Erwan Le Corre, creator of the world-renowned fitness system MovNat, is on a mission to reintroduce natural movement to our modern lives with the most ancient movement skill set: walking, running, balancing, jumping, crawling, climbing, swimming, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, and self-defense.

Try to imagine an out-of-shape tiger stepping on an exercise machine to get a workout. It doesn't make any sense, does it? Wild animals simply move the way nature intended, and they become powerful, healthy, and free in the process. So why should it be any different for us? We have become "zoo-humans," separated from nature and living movement-impoverished, unnatural lifestyles. As a result, we are suffering physically, mentally, and spiritually. Exercise has become artificial and boring--a chore, if not a punishment. We are training parts of our bodies, not the whole, and we have lost our drive for movement. What we need is not a better understanding of exercise physiology or more variety in fitness programs and modalities. What we need is simplicity, meaning, purpose, inspiration, and enjoyment. We need to get back to natural movement. In The Practice of Natural Movement, Le Corre demonstrates our innate and versatile ability to perform practical and adaptable movements. With countless techniques and movement variations, as well as strategies for practicing anytime and anywhere, he will inspire you to build a naturally strong and flexible body and to form yourself anew into a mindful, skillful, and physically capable human being.

The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom Customer Reviews

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