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Inferno! #2

by Guy Haley

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Release Date: January 8, 2019
Publication Date: January 8, 2019
Author: Guy Haley
Package Dimensions (in inches): 0.94 x 7.76 x 5.04
Package Weight: 60 Hundredths Pounds
Item Dimensions (in inches): 7.8 x 5 x 1
Item Weight: 60 Hundredths Pounds
Audio Tracks/Subtitles: English (Published), English (Original Language), English (Unknown)

Other Details

EAN: 9781784968526
ISBN: 1784968528
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Number Of Items: 1
Number Of Pages: 400


Product Description: Next installment in the new anthology series, penned by debut and established authors,
Showcasing the best works from across Black Library’s many universes. 

The second volume of this anthology collection comprises more new short fiction from the worlds of Warhammer. Penned by debut and current Black Library authors, its tales range from the fighting pits in the realm of Ghur to the mists of Chamon, while in the brutal galaxy of the Dark Imperium, mysteries must be solved but that doesn’t mean escaping the horrors unscathed.

In this volume, Guy Haley continues the story of the aelf wanderer, Prince Maesa, as he rides out a storm in the depths of Shyish. A skaven team attempt to carry out a daring heist in a tale of villainous betrayal, and an Imperial Guardsman must investigate an isolated town’s secret if he and his men are to survive the night. These and many other stories are collected here for the first time.

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