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Summary & Analysis of 12 Rules for Life: A Guide to the Book by Jordan Peterson

by ZIP Reads

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Publication Date: February 21, 2018
Author: ZIP Reads
Package Dimensions (in inches): 0.09 x 8 x 5
Package Weight: 20 Hundredths Pounds
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EAN: 9781985756830
ISBN: 1985756838
Manufacturer: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Number Of Pages: 36


Product Description: PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary and analysis of the book and not the original book. If you'd like to purchase the original book, please paste this link in your browser:

Renowned professor of psychology Jordan B. Peterson draws from science, tradition, and his varied clinical experience to explain what it takes to live a rich, meaningful life in his book, 12 Rules for Life.

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What does this ZIP Reads Summary Include?
  • A detailed breakdown of all 12 rules
  • Analysis of each rule
  • Editorial Review
  • Background on the original author
About the Original Book:
In this enthralling read, Jordan Peterson distills life’s most important lessons into twelve digestible rules that anyone can use to better their life and the lives of the people around them. Writing in an easy, conversational style, Peterson shows readers how to make sense of all the chaos and suffering in the world and how to pick with courage the “terrible responsibility of life.” Anyone feeling anxious, desperate, or overwhelmed by any aspect of life will find this book invaluably insightful.

DISCLAIMER: This book is intended as a companion to, not a replacement for, 12 Rules for Life. ZIP Reads is wholly responsible for this content and is not associated with the original author in any way.

Please follow this link: to purchase a copy of the original book. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Summary & Analysis of 12 Rules for Life: A Guide to the Book by Jordan Peterson Customer Reviews

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